Most information available on this page originated from Presque Isle Township public information provided through their website and other published documents. The intent is that it be accurate — however, inaccuaracies may be present. Also, due to the dated nature of certain items, in time some information may become obsolete. If you encounter something that requires updating, please let us know and we will do so as soon as possible.

Township Information


Township Newsletters

The Beacon — October 2012 PDF document(3974 KB)
The Beacon — July 2012 PDF document(166 KB)
Summer 2012 PDF document(392 KB)
Fall/Winter 2011 PDF document(393 KB)
Spring/Summer 2011 PDF document(194 KB)
Fall/Winter 2010 PDF document(328 KB)

Minutes From Meetings

Official Minutes of Township meetings are only available through the Township offices. Those presented here should not be considered as "official" as accuracy cannot be fully guaranteed.

Board Of Trustees Minutes

Planning Commission Minutes

Parks & Recreation Minutes

Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes

Fire Board Minutes

Committee Terms

Parks & Recreation Committee

Norma Crouch - Chair2018
Nancy Kinney- Vice Chair2020
Bonnie Moran - Secretary2018
Russ Kauffman2019
Barry Schatz2019
Jennifer Matuszak2021
Jennifer Wieczorkowski
(BOT liaison)

Planning Commission

Howard Welsh - Chair2020
Eric Szymanski - Vice-Chair2019
Tom Ludwig - Secretary2020
Tom Guyer2019
Cynthia Paavola
(BOT liaison)

Zoning Board of Appeals

Jennifer Bidwell - Chair2021
Bill Fay - Vice-Chair2019
Eric Szymanski - Secretary2019
Chuck Winters - Member2020
Bart Hellmuth, BOT Liason2020

Board of Review

Dave Zolnierek - Chair2019
Sandra Beuter2019
Ken Bulgrin2019
Jim Schuler, Alternate2019
Larry Fields, Secretary2020

Fire Board

Dick Nowak - Chair2019
Paul Borg - Vice-Chair/Secretary2019
Bernie Andrzejewski - Fire Commissioner2022
Ryan Beuter, Member2022
Lynn Morrison, TWP Liason2020

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