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December 2009 | Presque Isle Township, Presque Isle County, Michigan

This website is intended to serve as a shadow for the local government of Presque Isle Township. Its purpose is to make relevant township information available to all interested parties — as well as bringing into focus aspects of the local government that are perhaps worthy of closer scrutiny. Some of the materials available here will be identical to that found on the official township website. Other items may include information and/or documents that, at one time, were displayed but are no longer available for viewing. Some information or documents may never have been posted but are or have been available through the township offices. It is possible that some information/documents originated from the local government but have never been officially released to the general public.

In general, there are multiple reasons for the existence of this site — some of which are related to the following concerns expressed by members of the community ...

This site is a work in progress. It is privately owned and operated, but represents opinions, issues and concerns of a significant portion of the community — the silent majority, perhaps. As time goes on, additions, deletions and changes will occur. Commentary will ebb and flow. At times, you can expect things to be quite lively — at time, very tame. At a minimum, you should find it an interesting experience. Hopefully, more than just that.

This is not the official site for the Township of Presque Isle, Presque Isle County, Michigan. If you are looking for the official website for the local government of Presque Isle Township, click here.

Traffic Camera
Traffic camera Hwy 638 & US 23
Hwy 638 & US 23

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